One of the reservoirs designed in the 1980s, during the communist period, Văcăresti Lake is connected to the Dâmbovița river, which runs through the city of Bucharest. Relatively close to the city centre, the lake (itself inadequately designed, for it sits higher than the river and is thus unable to contain the water within its concrete walls) is today a socialist relic. Completed over twenty years ago, it has turned into a very special place with wild and atypical fauna, especially given its close proximity to urban areas. These are the main features of the site. The groundwork thus laid, the present interpretation explores this apparently abandoned place, employing the conceptual dialectic between center and periphery. Seen from the outside, the place might seem abandoned, but once its distance is covered, it becomes a centre in its own right, while the City itself is demoted to periphery. The act of describing subjective routes of perception transforms the place into an intimate space, defined by subjective landmarks, as well as by what the place itself can offer, namely its natural environment and memory. A platform, located on one of the concrete walls enclosing the lake, takes on a political significance and establishes a relationship of power, while, on the same site, the actual traces of a street pertaining to a demolished neighborhood of houses become points of interest.  The seemingly futile gesture of dragging a stick along is meant to render the act of perception intelligible through the dialectic between the city and this natural and yet artificially demarcated environment.

(The Project was carried out in collaboration with Mihnea Simiraș - architect, following the Cities Methodologies Workshop, Bucharest 2010)


- InnerCity 7:47, 2010 DVD (6 video-stills)

Exhibition shot, ©Bogdan Bordeianu