Paşcani, 2010 DVD 5:43 (video-still)

– Paşcani, 2010 6 photographs

    Pașcani: one of the “death trains” passed through this station several times on its way to Călărași in July 1941. The Jews who survived after the Iași Pogrom were loaded into wagons and taken on a slow “journey” across Moldavia. Although the distance did not exceed a few hundred kilometers, the train reached its final destination after many days and the Jews were not allowed to get out of the wagons or provided with any kind of resources for survival.

    In the vicinity of Pașcani station, I saw a cylindrical construction. The six perspectives (photographs) overlooking the cylinder suggest its inescapable presence, something that evokes the memory of the place and fact that the “death train” passed through Pașcani repeatedly and without stopping. An ordinary action like sweeping, captured in the video, acquires a metaphoric resonance while the cylinder is visible in the background. The video and the photos form a unity and they must be shown together.