-  Horizons, 2013 – backdrop made of nine old sacks cut and re-sewn, aprox. 300x230 cm


The sacks I used probably date back to the 80s. They were cut and re-sewn for this very occasion. I chose them especially for their texture, creating a direct communication with the geographical space of the plain.

- The Other Scene, 2013 – photograph, 47x37 cm, digigraphie

This work was influenced by modernist photography - taking Alexander Rodchenko's Pionner Girl (1930) as a direct source of inspiration -, specific to the age of great ideologies. On the current background of revived nationalist discourses at a local and regional level, I chose to reuse this aesthetic, inverting the gaze: seen from the back, the anonymous character becomes himself the object of the gaze. Looking at an unknown horizon – intuited by the viewer - is this time counteracted by a critical examination, from within, in a self-referential manner and targeting the representation.