Ștefan Sava - The Falling of the Arches

Video HD, 30 min, 2015

Concept, text, image, sound, editing: Ștefan Sava

Camera assistant: Sorin Popescu

Translation: Alistair Ian Blyth

Video produced with the occasion of the exhibition Inventing the Truth. On Fiction and Reality, curator: Diana Marincu

The New Gallery of the Romanian Institute for Culture and Research in Humanities in Venice

Project selected in the competition organized by the Ministry of Culture for representing Romania at the 56th edition of the International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia.

Project management, production and communication: Ephemair Association

“Ștefan Sava proposes a video essay on the potential‚ and limits of interpreting an archive containing photographs from inter- and post-war Germany. Having selected around 45 frames from the 850 he acquired from a flea market in Berlin, Ștefan Sava questions the visual representation of a traumatic past. Each image is submitted to an archaeology of the image based on the dialectic between what is rendered visible and what is left out of the visual field. The video The Falling of the Arches reviews various theoretical approaches to looking, as well as the interpretation of images according to the methodology indicated by Georges Didi-Huberman: the privileging of singularity over a unifying, collective vision. Hence, the discontinuity as a strategy of furthering knowledge and the flexibility of free associations between images via comparisons, similarities and differences.” (Diana Marincu)


exhibition shots