- Sketch for a temporary monument (anti-monument), 2011



    The gate should be seen as the miniature replica of a monument which is the result of a partially commemorative gesture. The monumental complex described in the sketch was inspired by the properties of adobe and it is closely connected to the trauma to which it alludes, precisely because it pays due attention to the very physical aspects of the experience of deportation. Th earth, the straws, the manual labour are all part of the experience. Adobe is a paradoxical material : used to build houses, it is a very compliant material, dependable and durable, but it is also under constant attack from weather conditions and becomes friable when removed from its encasing. The four gates are spatially arranged in such a manner as to covey the idea of anomaly, which again is a direct reference to the uprooting experience. This experience of delocalization was brought about by an external, unexpected and brutal intervention. The openings of the gates are not aligned and, in the attempt to mark off the spatial coordinates of trauma, this arrangement requires us to alternate between the intuition of open space (the plain) and the concrete obstruction of visual perception, achieved through the placing of the gates. Adobe needs to be plastered regularly, otherwise it undergoes alterations (it disintegrates,  it splits etc), thus bearing the signs of the passing of time. The sketched monument incorporates this perishable dimension, this sense of transformation in time. Unlike the classical memorial which offers a unified interpretation of the historical event, this kind of monument (in truth, an anti-monument) will incessantly change, until it will be returned to the earth that sustains it. The imprint that the monument leaves on the physical space will thus change in time, but it will not disappear. The sketch includes a photograph taken during an intervention in space. A video that records this intervention is also exhibited. The photograph represents a temporary structure made of straws gathered during the performative action. This ephemeral structure gives shape to the concrete intervention in space, in keeping with the discursive attempt which accompanies the act of invoking the memory of the place.

- The Inside-Out of the Wall, object extracted from an adobe wall (part of the plaster), 2011